My favourite healthy Choc Chip Cookies

Generally, healthier  versions of cookie recipes just don’t seem to cut it, they turn out more of a cake texture, are mushy or just fall apart, they are just aren’t as good as the real deal.

Until you try this recipe! These Choc Chip cookies are dairy free (if you make them with coconut oil rather than butter), are gluten free and have no added sugars or rubbish ingredients. They are full of good fats and are low in carbohydrates. Plus, the end result is a crunchy, rich tasting delicious cookie.



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Low Carb Self Saucing Protein Pudding

Some nights I am still hungry after dinner and crave something sweet, I also want it to be low in sugar, low carb but have some sort of benefit. These protein puddings are perfect! They are full of protein, filling me up and helping my muscles recover while I sleep and hitting that sweet tooth for very little calories. They also take less than 2 minutes to whip up!


This one is my self saucing chocolate version.

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Healthy Carbonara

As a kid, I loved carbonara. I wasn’t really allowed to have it at restaurants though.  My mum preferred to cook me her lower fat version as she knew how unhealthy typical carbonara dishes were with all of the oil, cream, cheap bacon cuts and way too much pasta.

Now I have taken her delicious recipe and adapted it to make it even healthier so that you can enjoy meals like this without any guilt.


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Fat loss myths that may be stopping you losing that weight!

For years my main goal was to lose weight, in particularly body fat. My goal in everything I did and ate was to shed fat. It never worked, I have always been someone who has struggled immensely with fatloss despite eating well and training consistently and up to 6-7 times per week as well as following every tip and trick from fit people, from trainers, friends, body building websites and so on…until today where after listening to an amazing podcast by ATP Science I learnt that everything I thought I knew about training and eating for fatloss was wrong.
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